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What is an Arborist?

Arborists are tree care professionals who can help with the selection, maintenance, care and removal of trees and shrubs in residential, commercial and public landscapes. They are trained in all aspects of woody plant health and care, including diagnosis and treatment of diseases, insect infestations and environmental problems. They can safely climb up into tall trees to prune limbs, and will cut, chip and remove all of the brush. They can recommend watering, fertilizing, pesticide applications and other cultural programs to help maintain the long-term health and beauty of landscapes. Arborists are licensed by the State of Connecticut, and are required to stay up-to-date with the rapid advances of tree biology, care and treatment.

Please don't hire your "brother-in-law with a chainsaw" or your landscaper that is not a licensed arborist to even prune your trees.
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Complete Tree Care Maintanence

Passion For Trees the large tactical tree removal experts

Connecticut Tree Protective Association

  • The CTPA is a non-profit, non-partisan association,
  • To promote the protection and care of trees in Connecticut
  • To encourage the ongoing improvement of tree care practices among tree workers

Licensed Arborist 
CT # S4559
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  Some tree facts

  • The largest tree in the state is a sycamore in Simsbury along the Farmington River
  • The acidity of pine needles often prevents growth under coniferous trees
  • Connecticut's many aspen trees were once known and sometimes still as Popple
  • Black triangles or chevrons, below branches distinguish the gray birch from other birches
  • Chestnut and white pine trees dominated Connecticut's forests 350 years ago
  • Pitch pine, CT's only three-needle pine, was once called candlewood
  • Sugar maple trees are killed at temperatures below -43oF

Courtesy of CT DEP
  • Passion For Trees is often hired and recommended by other tree services because of our climbing abilities.
Why hire Passion For Trees?
Some of our services include : Crown Cleaning, Crown Thinning, Crown Raising and much more. Click here to see all the ways we can help you maintain your trees.
Why hire an Arborist?
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Passion For Trees is dedicated to performing a Safe Professional Job for our Clients using proper methods consistent with the National Standards of Arboriculture along with the old methods and old work ethic using our "If its not done right ! It's not done !" attitude.
Simply put we care that we do a good job done the right way.

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Welcome to Passion For Trees LLC in Southington CT. We specialize in pruning , trimming and advanced tree removal for Southington, Cheshire, Bristol, Plainville, Waterbury & all of CT.

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Passion For Trees will help you prevent disaster from old weak trees
Passion For Trees will help you prevent disaster from old weak trees
Disaster can happen at anytime.  Call Passion For Trees to help you prevent the unthinkable
Passion for Trees Southington CT 06489 Complete Tree Service
Passion for Trees Southington CT 06489 specializes in Tree Climber, Tree Removal, Tree Cabling and bracing, Tree Care Maintanence , Stump Grinding, Tree Health, Tree Care Maintanence and more.
Passion for Trees Southington CT 06489
Passion for Trees Southington CT 06489