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We don't just take them down. We take care of them too!

Hazardous and Tactical Trees -Trees that have dead branches, dead sections or weak crotches such as V crotches ( Included Bark ) These dangers can be hidden with rotted centers, stress cracks, other Hazards such as squirrels, Bees, Raccoons and so on. Tactical Trees can be located in areas of limited space to perform normal safe operations, or can be growing in close proximity to building structures, Electrical Power Lines and will need to be removed with extreme caution and proper planning. The use of modern equipment for example : Ropes, Pulleys, Lowering devises, special knots used for tree rigging, Tag lines, Winch lines and so on and so on! Some Trees are so dangerous and Tactical they may need to be removed with the help of a Crane. These hazards are risky even for the most experienced Tree worker.

Tree Care Maintanence

Types of Pruning / Trimming:
Crown Cleaning - Shall consist of the selective removal of one or more of the following items: Dead, Dying or Diseased branches. One of the most effective methods of pruning to keep your trees healthy.

Crown Thinning - Shall consist of the selective removal of branches to increase light penetration, air movement and reduce weight.

Crown Raising - Shall consist of the removal of the lower branches of a tree to provide clearance.

Crown Reduction or Crown Shaping - Decreases the height and/or spread of a tree. Careful consideration should be given to the species and ability.

Crown Restoration - Should improve the structure, form and appearance of trees that have been severely over pruned, headed or damaged.

Vista Pruning - Selective thinning of framework limbs or specific areas of the crown to allow a view of an object.
Cabling and Bracing - With the careful eye of a trained Arborist, we can identify trees that are in need of structural support. V crotches ( included bark ) are weak crotches and other sections of trees that are just too heavy to support themselves. Carefully and strategically installing steel cabling with the proper state of the art hardware can improve the structural integrity of your trees while keeping safety a high priority.
Insect and Disease Control -  Trees will most always have some insect damage or some ailment to them. An experienced Arborist will be able to diagnose and treat the problem when control is needed. Focus on the environment is important when you consider how to treat your trees, Chemicals can be very dangerous and should be applied only by the professionals. A good rule is to keep up on the health and maintenance of your trees and you will have much less insect and disease problems.

Fertilization - is important in keeping your trees healthy, a soil sample should be done to know exactly what deficiencies are present. Careful consideration should be taken with mature trees and certain species of trees when fertilizing. A basic Fertilization application would include Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium with Micro-nutrients. Certain other ingredients may be needed to help promote root growth and better root uptake and absorption. Soil compaction is very common in the trees root area and will limit the oxygen available to your root system, by Fertilizing you will also aerate the soil in the root area creating Macro pores which is the space in the soil oxygen is found to prevent suffocating your trees.

Storm Damage - Work when trees are damaged or taken down by a storm. Storm damage should only be fixed or worked on by the professionals, please do not let anyone get put in a dangerous situation, Tree work alone is dangerous when trees are under very high tension from large leaders or entire trees leaning on a house etc. A highly skilled professional is the only one to use in these conditions. Passion For Trees has the experience to handle your storm damage trees safely and quickly. We work with many Insurance Companies to help you get out of danger and back into your home ASAP.
Tree Care Southington CT 06489 ask for a free quote today
Tree Care Southington CT 06489 ask for a free quote todayTree Care Southington CT 06489 ask for a free quote todayTree Care Southington CT 06489 ask for a free quote today
Tree Care Southington CT 06489 ask for a free quote today
Low Impact Removals - Trees that are growing in areas for example with Sprinkler systems installed in the lawn, or just having a nice lawn. You do not want a tree service company to take your tree down and smash great big holes in your lawn and tell you that was the only way it could be done. There are a few different techniques depending on the tree and the situation that can be performed to do as minimal ground disturbance at all if any. Keep in mind this will take longer to achieve and will cost more time and money, the end result is well worth hiring the Professional.

Trees Around Electrical Wires - Trees that are growing near Electrical Wires are the most dangerous trees to be working on. Passion For Trees and its employees are well trained and continue on going training.  In Tree work with Electricity there is a very big difference in TO KNOW! and TO KNOW HOW! You can get electrocuted many different ways. Being Line Clearance Certified is not enough, some situations are too dangerous to perform with the power on! Your Service wires to your house may be rubbing and touching your trees, always hire a WELL TRAINED professional to work on your trees that are near or touching your wires.

Chipping Branches / Wood Chips - After your trees are removed we will use a Wood Chipper to Chip up all the branches into wood chips. This is the most efficient way to dispose of your trees branches. The wood chips can be used for mulching around your trees adding many benefits to your plants or disposed of off your property.

Wood Removal / Fire wood - When the wood from your trees need to be removed we use a ground friendly machine to lift the wood that does little to no damage to your lawn. If you want to keep your wood we can cut the wood into firewood lengths for your wood stove or fireplace.

Stump Grinding - The most economical way to remove your unsightly tree stump is to use a STUMP GRINDER, a less abrasive process than traditional stump removal, resulting in great cost savings and eliminating damage to your lawn. We offer this service and grind the stumps 4 - 8 inches below the ground. As an added bonus, Stump Grinding creates mulch which you can then use around your yard in flowerbeds, Gardens and around Trees. You can simply have us remove the grindings as well. You then can fill the hole with top soil and plant grass. The end result is like there was never a tree there.

Tree Removals / Take Downs
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The tree split from its own weight.  Most people would have cut it down and had it removed. It had sentimental value to the owner.We began an advanced process of fixing the tree.We braced the tree annd extended it's life.The tree still grows today.
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Passion for Trees does wood chipping
Wood Removal  Southington CT Passion for Trees
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We start by chipping and cutting out your stump with our heavy machinery.We slowly grind the stump into small pieces then remove it.When our process is complete the stump is completely gone.Weeks after the stump has been removed and the area is cleaned there's no trace the stump ever existed.
We don't just take them down. We take care of them too!
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